Ambientlights Photography | FAQ'S


How do we book you?

We always start the process with a telephone discussion, where we will ask you about your wedding plans and explain how we will work on your wedding day. If you feel that we might be the right photographers for you we will be happy to meet and discuss your photography requirements in more detail. Meetings can be arranged at the reception venue (depending on distance) or if you prefer, at a third party location such as a coffee house or hotel. We have some lovely places that we use around Guildford and Farnham in Surrey and the coffee is our treat!

Do you take group photographs?

Most of the photography during the day will be in a documentary style but we understand that family photographs might be important. As a general guide up to six groups will take around 20-minutes to photograph; spending longer will often lead to guests getting bored and you have very little time to spend with your friends and family.

If you do request group photographs it is vital that you nominate someone who can recognise the people in the wedding party, the nominated person should be willing to assist us in organising the groups so that the correct people are photographed.

What if it rains?

Well, we all get wet!... only joking. We can't control the weather but we will come prepared if your photography needs to take place whilst the weather is bad.

Do you supply wedding albums and prints?

We offer a range of Folio wedding albums, which can be ordered up to six months following your wedding. Prints can be purchased easily from your online gallery.

Can we have high resolution images?

High resolution images, licensed for personal use are provided on an a CD or a Ambientlights USB memory stick (new 2013 packages).

When will my photographs be ready for viewing?

We allow up to 30-days to process your images although we often finish the processing more quickly. Photo books and albums typically take between six and eight weeks to design and manufacture.

How many photos will you take on our day?

We don't have a set quota and the number of images we take will depend on many factors. We aim to provide as much coverage as possible within the time permitted. The number of processed images we will present to you will depend on the course of events on the day.

When do you start and finish?

Typically your photography will start with the bridal preparation around two hours before the ceremony and continue until the first dance. A maximum of ten hours attendance is included in our package and we work on the basis that the first dance will take place before 9pm. If you need extended coverage this may be available with an additional cost of £100 per hour.

Will I see all the photographs taken?

We believe that most couples want to view the best photographs and prefer not to be overwhelmed with a huge number of similar images. Our selection of photographs will tell the story of your wedding day and make choosing those you wish to select for your album or for printing easier. By processing a selection of the best photographs from your wedding day we are also able to keep our fees highly competitive.

Good to know: we shoot in a format called "Raw", this format is used to maximise the quality and processing options for your photographs; our post production process involves us selecting the best images from your day and only these will be processed. We do not process duplicate images or those that do not pass our quality control; we do not provide Raw files to our clients.

Who has the copyright?

Ambientlights Photography retain the copyright.

Are you insured?

Yes we are.

What camera equipment do you use?

We use professional grade Canon cameras and lenses and we always carry back up equipment.


Booking information:

Will we be expected to complete a booking form?

Yes, we are a professional company and we want you to be clear about the service we provide and what to expect from us on the day. Your booking will be confirmed once we have received a fully completed booking form (contract) and the relevant booking fee (currently £50).

Can I change my package after booking?

If you wish to upgrade your package after booking we will try to accomodate this, all additional coverage or services will be subject to an amended booking form and charge for the service being provided. Fees paid at the time of booking are refundable for fourteen days* following the booking, after this time the fee becomes non-refundable. *Bookings taken for weddings fourteen days or less from the actual event are excluded from our refund policy.

When do we pay you in full?

We collect the full payment 21-days before your wedding day. Final fees once paid are non-refundable.

What if my wedding is rescheduled or cancelled?

In the event that you decide to reschedule your wedding we will always try to transfer the services you have booked to the new date, albeit we cannot guarantee our availability. If you decide to reschedule your wedding on a date that we are unavailable any fees paid to us will be forfeited. If you cancel your wedding plans and do not cancel our service within fourteen days from your booking, any fees paid to us will not be refunded.

Note: we reserve the right to amend our terms should you wish to reschedule a wedding to a date more than 12-months beyond the original wedding date. Maximum one reschedule per booking.

What if you are unable to attend my wedding?

In the unlikely event of an emergency, illness affecting us both or other event outside of our control, we will endeavour (where feasible) to find you an alternative photographer. If a replacement photographer is not found, or should you prefer, we will offer a full refund of all fees you have paid to us.



Do you still have some questions?

We have tried to answer all of the questions we can think of, including the one's nobody likes to ask!... but if you can think of anything else, please contact us and we will be pleased to help.